Gevorgyan Raf

  Gevorgyan Raf was born in the city of Baku, in the family of the Armenian military doctor Gevorgyan Samson. 

  In 1960, he entered the Leningrad Medical Institute. After 2 years, he left medicine and began to be passionate about art. His love of art helped him study the pictures of great masters such as El Greco, Goya, Rembrandt, masters of the Dutch and French schools, post-impressionism, etc., spending days in the Hermitage Museum. 

In 1962, he left the medical institute and entered the Leningrad Institute of Theater and Music at the faculty of the artist-sculptor of dolls. But there he did not stay long and got a job at the LENFILM film studio. 

  His father, Gevorgyan Samson, a military doctor by profession, dreamed that his son would continue his work and also become a doctor. However, the attention of Raf was more attracted by the path of his grandfather Gevorgyan Melik, a jeweler-armorer. 

  In 1977, Gevorgyan Raf decided to return to his historical homeland, Armenia, where he met his future wife. In the same year of 1977, he began work in the Yerevan Souvenir Factory (filigree) where he worked for 2.5 years. 

  In 1989 he became a member of the Union of Artists of the USSR. He worked hard, participated in many exhibitions, republican, all-union, international. His son was growing up, whom he had been involved in jewelry art since 6 years old, sitting at his table and doing various works. So, year after year, the father involved his son, who today cannot imagine his life without jewelry. In 2001, Gevorgyan Raf moved to Moscow with his family, where he continued his professional activities. He worked with such companies as Master Russia, with the Spanish Jewelry House Carrera y Carrera, with a Faberge boutique, etc. 

  Today, Gevorgyan Raf is happy that his work has not gone in vain. Since his son is a follower of the family tradition. In the gallery "Heritage" you can see the works of Gevorgyan Raf created at different times.