Gevorgyan samson

  Gevorgyan Samson was born in 1981 in the city of Yerevan, Republic of Armenia (USSR).
From early childhood, from 11 years old attended the school of fine art.
In 1996 entered the art school at the faculty of painting and drawing named after Panos Terlemezyan of the city of Yerevan.
In 1999 entered the Yerevan Academy of Arts at the Faculty of Applied Arts.
From his youth, he began to perceive the world of jewelry, precious stones and metals. He was destinated to continue the family tradition. Who else but his father Gevorgyan Raf, a member of the Union of Artists (USSR) could guide him and train in jewelry skills. The study of drawing and painting helped to quickly master the skills of a jeweler; such masters as Faberge, Posier, and Sazinovs served as a model for him.Since 2001 he moves with his family to Moscow (Russia).In Moscow, he begins his career as a jeweler, realizing his first modest, but handiworks.After some time, he begins to work with his father.His contribution to his father’s work is already becoming an integral part of the process. Sketches, sculptors, handwork. In the manner of his father’s work, he liked what his father always believed and said: one must strive for excellence, that life alone is not enough to learn all the secrets of jewelry.
From childhood, GS visited the most beautiful city in Russia, St. Petersburg, he always admired the beauty of this city of its buildings, palaces and finally the Hermitage-Russian Louvre, Petrodvorets-Russian Versailles. But as for every artist and creator he was attracted by Paris, France, the country of the Impressionists, the country of Renne Lalique.
In 2011, he decided to finally move to France and change his life as a jeweler artist.
Since 2014, he began his career in Paris, where he sought so much, and work with such houses as Hermes, Boucheron, Van Cleef.Having considerable experience in jewelry, he begins to study the local canons of jewelry.
  Today, GS created its Brand "Elegance GS", where he presents his creations to You Ladies and Gentlemen, he is the author of all the products that are presented to you.His goal is to stand out with the originality of his work and create products that will leave a small mark in the ocean of this exquisite world.