All the banners of Europe bowed before his genius. What did he want, what was he thinking? Maybe even then, in those days, he wanted to unite the whole of Europe, to create a monolith? Who will answer this question now? Being constantly criticized and at the same time admirable, the emperor to this day excites the most diverse layers of human society. 

  I could not imagine how you could not try to reflect this great era in jewelry, apart from the existence of numerous masterpieces of painting, sculpture, etc. 

  Not a dozen sketches were rejected by me as the creator of this product, until, as it seemed to me, I found the necessary inspiration, and week after week, I gradually put into practice my idea. 

  The fruits of my many months of work are a ring and a bracelet, which I called Napoleon. 

  This is my tribute to those historical times of the great emperor, Napoleon Bonaparte. 


Gevorgyan Samson