Our workshop welcomes all its customers and guests with great warmth, we will be able to realize all your ideas.

   Want to create your own unique jewel? You have an old piece of jewelry that you want to change or remake? Our jewelers will be happy to advise and support you throughout the personalization process. Feel free to contact us with your project, any model or sketch, please note that any information is very important to create your product, so do not hesitate to contact us. You can also take an appointment by email or phone to complete your project.



 There is a legal guarantee for your Elegance GS jewelry. The warranty does not include: - normal wear and aging; - Improper or unkempt use, such as impacts, falls or destruction - Damage caused by any intervention, repair or disassembly performed by other workshops not related to repair obligations with Elegance GS, in such cases the responsibility cannot be blamed on Elegance GS. In addition to this warranty, Elégance GS can provide any possible repairs. Only Elegance GS products are to be repaired.

Using advice


 Your jewelry creation Elégance GS is valuable and delicate: it is advisable to take care of it and carefully handle it in order to preserve its original beauty over time. Your product is designed for daily wear. However, its radiance may seem less bright after daily wear for many years. In this case, we recommend that you return it to one of the sale points or to the Elegance GS main office so that our jewelers can conduct diagnostics. It will be transferred to our workshop for cleaning, lightening, polishing or rhodium-plated to restore it. To preserve your jewelry, we advise you as follows:

- Always put it on a soft surface and store in the original case or felt bag;
- Do not wear it while playing sports;
- avoid contact with other jewelry or sharp, abrasive and metallic objects or with perfumes, alcohol, cosmetics, ammonia and chlorine;
- Handle the clasps carefully;
- Check the condition of your stones for more mobility to prevent the risk of falling out;

To preserve your product, clean it in warm water with a mild soap with a neutral pH and a soft brush. If your Elegance GS jewelry has been stolen, you can contact us. Elegance GS may issue a duplicate invoice or purchase certificate provided that you provide the necessary supporting documents, namely a copy of the theft statement, and a copy of the identity document.